Produce feature-length films, shows, and video games with artists and production teams wherever they are. Instantly. With full-frame fidelity using the pro apps you already own.

Create from home by moving production into the public cloud.

Qumulo CloudStudio allows organizations to work on projects from anywhere in the world without compromising speed, flexibility, scalability, or security. CloudStudio moves projects that are traditionally hardware-bound in a physical production site to the public cloud on both the AWS and GCP platforms.

Principaux avantages

Allow artists to connect from anywhere (including their couches), while experiencing seamless 30+ frames per second (FPS) video playback.

Get best-in-class NFS and SMB protocol support, plus full permissions handling and metadata fidelity, in the cloud.

Leverage enterprise-grade file storage at warp speed in the cloud, allowing artists to use their preferred applications, and focus on producing, editing and delivering amazing content.

Comment c'est utilisé
stockage de fichiers en nuage pour le rendu et vfx

Effets visuels

stockage de fichiers en nuage pour le rendu et vfx


stockage de fichiers en nuage pour le montage vidéo

Montage vidéo

Le problème

Media and entertainment digital content creators are having to adapt their workflows and keep productions on schedule.

Production teams worldwide are leaving their studios and working from home. Organizations urgently need tools and architectures that will enable them to continue running specialized workflows like editing, rendering and post-production effects.

In addition, Post-production organizations are always looking for new and innovative ways to leverage a growing global talent pool, meet blistering deadlines, and keep up with the fast pace and complexity demanded by modern visual effects workflows.


Accélérez les calendriers de production avec Qumulo CloudStudio

Qumulo CloudStudio allows organizations to work on projects from anywhere in the world with uncompromising speed, flexibility, and security. Customers can deploy CloudStudio in AWS or GCP quickly and easily , allowing local artists to use the professional applications they’re used to, while experiencing seamless 30+ frames per second (FPS) video playback. Qumulo CloudStudio gives administrators peace of mind, as all assets are stored in Qumulo’s distributed file system where data access can be seen, managed, and controlled in real-time.

When production schedules get tight, or animations grow increasingly complex, Qumulo CloudStudio enables studio managers to quickly harness more computing power and capacity in near-real time to tackle complex render workloads on specialized cloud compute instances. It’s easy to spin up thousands of CPU and GPU instances in AWS or GCP, and turn render time into an adjustable variable.

Caractéristiques CloudStudio

Get the best of file storage, in the cloud.

Use the pro apps you already know (and own)

Qumulo CloudStudio works with many software tools used in post-production today – Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, 3ds Max, Nuke, Maya, and others.

How do these workhorse applications — all written for Windows and macOS workstations — work so smoothly in the cloud? The reason is Qumulo CloudStudio. Qumulo running in the cloud provides best-in-class NFS and SMB protocol support, automatic cross-protocol permissions handling, and full metadata fidelity. Combined with ultra low-latency remote PCoIP clients such as those by Teradici, remote artists get the same level of application responsiveness they’re used to, because applications get the same enterprise-grade file storage they need to run properly.

All of this runs harmoniously together, at large scale and warp speed in the cloud.

Some of the world’s largest movie studios, streaming content providers, and gaming companies are using Qumulo in the public cloud to run their customized pre and post-production workflows at scale.

Make the most of enterprise software in the cloud

All the features you expect from an enterprise storage product, such as data protection, snapshots, and replication, are in the cloud with Qumulo.

Rendu dans le nuage

Qumulo CloudStudio permet aux utilisateurs de faire évoluer leur infrastructure et de créer facilement des postes de travail virtuels via Teradici sur AWS ou GCP, ce qui permet une efficacité et un flux de travail plus rapides.

Contrôle programmable

Qumulo’s programmable API lets you automate manual work to optimize storage usage, capacity and performance.

Make informed decisions about your business

Le système de fichiers de Qumulo fournit des analyses en temps réel qui vous aident à comprendre votre utilisation globale du stockage, le débit et les fichiers source, ainsi que les adresses IP des clients, vous permettant ainsi de gérer vos coûts et vos délais.

Your data, wherever you need it

Qumulo’s cloud native, software defined storage software supports a wide range of on-prem and cloud platforms, ensuring that no matter what your requirements are today, or how they evolve over time, Qumulo has you covered.

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